New to Chiropractic? Start here! Chiropractic care emphasizes manual therapy, including spinal, joint, and soft-tissue manipulation. From back pain to migraines and babies to grandparents, Chiropractic is safe and effective. Chiropractors take a wellness approach to a person’s care, striving to improve and benefit their patient’s overall health instead of just relieving their pain. Furthermore, Chiropractic consists of a wide range of techniques designed to enhance the function of the joints and muscles and relieve pain and spasms.

Chiropractic care has various benefits, including the vast range of treatments involved. In addition, it has become evident that your central nervous system helps regulate mood and full-body health, meaning that a healthy central nervous system helps improve overall health and wellness. At its very foundation, Chiropractic helps improve the nervous system function by simply adjusting the spine.

Are Chiropractors Doctors?

While chiropractors are not medical doctors, they hold a four-year, Doctorate in Chiropractic post-graduate degree. In that sense, a Chiropractor is a doctor, just like a Veterinarian or Dentist is a doctor. In fact, a lawyer is also a Doctor as they hold a post-graduate, Doctorate in Law degree. Chiropractors’ post-graduate studies teach drug and surgery-free methods for treating bone, nerve, muscle, and ligament disorders. Best known for treating back and neck pain, Chiropractors effectively treat bone and soft tissue conditions.

It’s a common misconception that Chiropractors do not receive significant training. Chiropractic licensure requires eight years of higher education and multiple passing of numerous National and state board exams before they are licensed. On average, Chiropractic colleges consist of 4 years of schooling totaling 4,200 instructional hours in course credits and many hours of unpaid internships.

What is the Popping Sound in a Joint?

Your joints naturally accumulate nitrogen bubbles due to the synovial fluid that lubricates them. These gas “bubbles” build up in the joint, causing joint tightness or stiffness. When this happens, the “crack” or “pop” is the gas in the joint shifting. This process is called “cavitation”.

If you have a back problem, as so many of us do, you have probably been to a few chiropractors —some good, some not so good. Finding a chiropractor who takes the time needed to understand your problem may take some time. Most chiropractors take a unique, person-centered approach. They genuinely care about their patients and consider all aspects of a person’s life.

Quite often, pain is caused by many different daily life occurrences. Are you stressed at work? Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you sit at a computer all day? Have you been in a car accident? Even a simple “fender bender”?

Dr. James Doran, DC, a Denver chiropractor and founder of Integrative Health and Rehabilitation in Denver, Colorado, examines patients to help them understand the depth and root cause of their problems. This office combines chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, dry-needling, laser, and physical therapy treatments.

Why Do People Go to a Chiropractor?

Back injuries can present in many different ways. A common one is a presentation of radiating pain or numbness resulting from spinal misalignments (subluxation) putting pressure on a spinal nerve. A spinal misalignment left untreated can cause this pressure, resulting in altered blood flow, impaired nerve function, and increased tightness or spasm. These conditions commonly result in “Neuropathy.” Neuropathy can also result from diabetes, chemotherapy, obesity, and other factors. Peripheral neuropathy affects more than 30 million people in America alone.

Chiropractors pride themselves on, first and foremost, relieving their patients’ pain and then teaching them how to manage their conditions and help them maintain good health. Chronic back pain affects millions of people in the US every year. It can significantly impact both your physical and mental health. According to the CDC, roughly 25 percent of Americans experience episodes of chronic lower back pain at any given time, 

Far too many people will turn to harmful painkillers for relief, unaware of effective drug-free alternatives. While painkillers can temporarily relieve symptoms, they don’t address the root cause of the problems. It’s essential to recognize how common chronic back pain is to raise awareness about feasible, non-invasive, and drug-free remedies such as chiropractic care.

What are the Benefits of Getting Adjusted?

There are many benefits to receiving Chiropractic care. Here are just a few:

  • Improved joint mobility, function, and health
  • Slowed or even halted degeneration of the joint and connective tissues (arthritis)
  • Improved peripheral circulation
  • Faster recovery from injury
  • Improved organ function (i.e., heart, lungs, sinuses, digestive organs, etc.)
  • Calming of hyperactive brain function (e.g., ADHD)
  • Increased energy and improved sleep
  • Improved quality of life
  • Prevention of illness/sickness by improving the body’s immune response
  • Improved cognitive ability

Is Chiropractic Safe?

Chiropractic care is safe if you receive treatment from a licensed and experienced Chiropractor. It would be best only to allow someone trained in spinal manipulation to manipulate your spine. That includes massage therapists, acupuncturists, or physical therapists. 

A 2018 study performed using US military personnel with back pain found that when compared to those who only received medical care, soldiers who also received Chiropractic adjustments reported:

  • Lower pain intensity
  • Greater improvement in mobility and less disability
  • Less use of medication
  • Higher satisfaction with treatment

However, after a chiropractic visit, some may experience mild side effects like muscle stiffness or soreness. These symptoms should resolve quickly as your joints and muscles adjust to the corrected alignment. You could compare a Chiropractic adjustment to exercise. Even a light workout can result in stiffness or soreness if the exercises are new to you. People who receive regular Chiropractic care rarely have any discomfort after a Chiropractic adjustment.

According to a 2017 published study, pre-existing conditions can increase your risk of developing complications from chiropractic care. That is why you should only seek chiropractic care from an experienced and licensed Chiropractor who performs an in-depth consultation and exam before treating you. Patients with any of the conditions below should notify their Chiropractor before receiving treatment:

  • Severe osteoporosis
  • Spine cancer or myeloma
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Bone abnormalities in the upper neck

Ready to Try Chiropractic?

Whether you’re experiencing back or joint pain, soreness from an injury, sciatica, seeking nutritional advice, or have already made chiropractic part of your healthy lifestyle, chiropractors can help you get well and stay fit. Most chiropractic doctors will also provide free consultations to help you determine the cause of your pain and learn how chiropractic can relieve your complaints without painful surgeries or dangerous medications. If you’re unsure if Chiropractic can help you, we also provide Acupuncture, Dry Needling, Low-Level Laser Therapy, and Shockwave Therapy.

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