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What’s Better, Hot or Cold for an Injury?

What’s better, hot or cold for an injury? “If your injury is older than six weeks, using ‘hot and cold’ can help restart the healing process,” says Dr. James Doran, a well-known chiropractor in Denver, Colorado. However, each injury is different, so continue reading to find the best treatment for your injury. (Note: If you…
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Neck Injury From a Car Accident

Neck Injury From a Car Accident?

If you have suffered a neck injury from a car accident, you are not alone. Car accidents can cause various injuries, with neck injuries are the most common. In many cases, these injuries can result in chronic pain and discomfort, making it difficult for individuals to perform their daily activities. Chiropractic treatment can be a…
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Electroacupuncture in Denver

Electroacupuncture for Pain Relief

Electroacupuncture for pain relief is the addition of electric current to the needles used to perform acupuncture, the widely practiced form of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Acupuncture treatment is the insertion of very thin, sterile needles into specific places in the body. Electroacupuncture introduces a mild electric current that passes between the needles during treatment. This…
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Denver Laser Therapy for Pain

Denver Laser Therapy for Pain

How does Denver laser therapy for pain work? You might have seen the ads or heard people mention using lasers for various health procedures. Its most common uses are for pain relief and healing.  Laser therapy is medically recommended in clinical practice guidelines for chronic neck and lower back pain. How Does Light Affect Human…
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